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The Big Question:
How Much Soil Will Your Garden Need?

January 18, 2024

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Gardening: a humble attempt to coax life from the earth, a test of patience, and a continual reminder that despite our best efforts, nature often has other plans. But before you get lost in dreams of your lush green oasis, there's a practical question to ponder – how much soil do you really need?

It's not just about tossing a few bags of dirt into a pit and calling it a day. Oh no, there's a delicate art to it, a balance that could mean the difference between a thriving garden and a sad collection of wilted aspirations.

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Why Calculating Your Soil Needs Isn't Just for the Detail-Obsessed:

Mountain or Molehill? Too much soil and you're left with a mini-mountain in your yard, too little and your plants will feel like they're living in a cramped studio apartment.

The Goldilocks Principle: Just like our friend Goldilocks, plants prefer their soil 'just right'. Not too deep, not too shallow – perfect for their delicate roots.

Your Wallet Will Thank You: Why spend more on soil than on the plants themselves? Calculating your needs helps keep your budget in check.

Green Thumbs, Greener Planet: Overbuying soil isn't just a logistical nightmare; it's also not great for the environment. Calculate wisely, buy responsibly.

Soil Requirements, Simplified:

Measure Your Garden: Start simple. Length times width gives you the area. For the more geometrically complex gardens, break it down into smaller shapes.

Depth Matters: General rule of thumb – 6-12 inches of soil. Deep-rooted veggies will want more, while herbs and shallow plants will be happy with less.

Use the Handy Soil Calculator: Forget the math; we've got you covered. Use the provided Soil Calculator to effortlessly determine how much soil you need. Just input your garden’s dimensions and desired soil depth, and let the calculator do the rest.

Consider Your Climate: Soil needs can vary depending on your local weather. Rainy areas require well-draining soil to prevent your garden from becoming a swamp.

Topsoil and Compost – The Dynamic Duo: A mix of both topsoil and compost often yields the best results. Like a well-dressed salad, your garden needs both the substance (topsoil) and the flavor (compost).

When Confused, Consult: There’s no harm in asking for advice at your local nursery or from gardening experts. Pretend you're discussing something more exotic than dirt.

While figuring out how much soil your garden needs may not be the most glamorous part of gardening, it's undoubtedly one of the most important. With the right amount of soil, your garden can flourish, transforming into a personal paradise (or at least something that won’t make your green-thumbed neighbors cringe). So, use the Soil Calculator, get your measurements right, and let the magic of growth begin!

~Michele Jaillet

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