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As spring 2024 unfurls its green fingers across gardens worldwide, TikTok's vibrant and ever-shifting landscape of gardening trends offers a fresh palette of ideas for both novice and seasoned gardeners. This year, the digital platform buzzes with innovations that marry the aesthetic with the pragmatic, spotlighting eco-optimism, horti-futurism, and a renewed appreciation for the strange and the beautiful in plant life.

Native plants take center stage, advocating for biodiversity and the support of local wildlife. From the drought-tolerant beebalm to the pollinator-friendly purple coneflower, these indigenous species promise not only to beautify our gardens but also to bolster ecological resilience.

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Combatting eco-anxiety through gardening emerges as a poignant theme. The act of planting, nurturing, and connecting with nature serves as a therapeutic antidote to the overwhelming concern for our planet's future, promoting mental well-being alongside environmental stewardship.

Futuristic gardening, or "horti-futurism," injects a playful element of sci-fi into our green spaces. With the Philadelphia Flower Show leading the charge, gardeners are encouraged to explore the fantastical with alien-like orchids and sci-fi terrariums that spark the imagination.

The convenience of ordering plants online has blossomed, making rare and unusual specimens more accessible to garden enthusiasts across the globe, while survivalist gardens address the practicalities of food security and self-sufficiency in an unpredictable climate.


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Alien plants with their otherworldly appearances—such as the eerie doll's eyes and the carnivorous Venus flytrap—add a touch of the extraterrestrial to our earthly gardens.

And finally, the trend of neon foliage, spearheaded by the vibrant cyber lime, promises to light up gardens and indoor spaces with its electric hues, juxtaposed against darker foliage for dramatic effect.

These trends, distilled from the digital ether of TikTok and grounded in the soil of our gardens, offer a rich tapestry of inspiration. They not only reflect our collective yearnings for beauty, connection, and sustainability but also hint at the evolving narrative of gardening in the modern age, where every plant tells a story, and every garden is a universe waiting to be explored.

As we step into the gardening season of 2024, let these trends from TikTok guide our hands and hearts, encouraging us to plant with purpose, creativity, and a dash of whimsy. Whether it's through the conservation of native species, the therapeutic embrace of eco-gardening, or the adventurous cultivation of futuristic flora, this year promises to be a testament to the enduring joy and innovation found in the act of gardening.

~Michele Jaillet

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