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Milton & King's Designer Wallpaper Trends for 2024

South Asian Subcontinent Mural photo courtesy of Scott Schubert

Color Trends For 2024

Sherwin Williams – Upward

“This denim blue with calm gray undertones will have you dreamily adrift in the stratosphere. Pair this light neutral with a cool pastel to complete the effect.” (Sherwin Williams)

Benjamin Moore – Blue Nova

“Depth and intrigue are balanced by an undercurrent of reassurance. This alluring mid-tone features an enchanting duality, capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal.” (Benjamin Moore)

Chinoiserie Wallpaper photo above courtesy of Yorklyn Home

Dramatic Moody Wallpaper

Green & Jungle Wallpaper

For all the color trends that were projected last year and those projected this year, we’ve seen a lot of people leaning into greens, and more specifically, dark greens. Whether this appears in a tropical jungle theme or something entirely different, people are loving the deep lush tones.

Verde Wallpaper photo courtesy of Beckon Homes


Oriental Garden Mural photo courtesy of customer: @djdoliver

South Asian Subcontinent photo above, courtesy of Mehr Niazi

photo above of the Jardin Mural

Spring Landscape Mural photo above, courtesy of Mehr Niazi

Striped Wallpaper

According to Los Angeles-based interior designer Peter Dunham, stripes are back but maybe not in the way you think (LivingEtc.Com). There is nothing groundbreaking about a stripe wallpaper design, but it’s the type of stripes we are seeing that is becoming more and more prevalent. Less straight, less solid and even more colorful striped wallpapers are becoming all the rage.

Rainbow Wall Mural photo above courtesy of San Diego artist Sarah Stieber

Wallpaper in Panels, Frames and Joinery

We’re starting to see an increase in the creative and unconventional ways people are using wallpaper. The trend in 2024 will see wallpaper being used in wood paneling and lining the back of joinery. An even more curious trend is picture frames with no pictures. The frames simply hang over a beautiful wallpaper installation.


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