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Glass Gardens: The Gardener's Guide To Buying a Greenhouse

January 11 , 2024


Imagine this: you, a humble gardener, dreaming of owning your very own greenhouse. Picture a tropical paradise in your backyard, bursting with orchids, citrus, and jasmine, or perhaps you're more the type to fantasize about plucking fresh salad greens and vine-ripened tomatoes while snowflakes dance outside. The good news? Nowadays, greenhouses come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags, not to mention the gadgets and gizmos that make greenhouse gardening as easy as pie.

So, what's your green-thumbed heart's desire? Are you yearning for year-round lettuce, a never-ending tomato season, or perhaps armfuls of cut flowers? Not long ago, this was a luxury only the well-heeled could indulge in, with their ornate, standalone greenhouses and a team of gardeners at their beck and call. They even fancied up the names, calling them conservatories or orangeries, because nothing says "sophistication" like a fancy title.

But back to you and your greenhouse dreams. There's a smorgasbord of options these days, from budget-friendly pop-ups to grand, permanent structures. Maybe you want a cozy sunroom to read and potter among plants, or perhaps you see yourself as the orchid whisperer, dabbling in begonias and passionflowers. If that's the case, you'll want a pro-level, insulated greenhouse with all the climate-control bells and whistles.

Now, let's talk about getting started. Plants are like people – they have their preferences. Some like it hot during the day and cool at night, others need just the right amount of sun and shade, and some are so picky they need specific light and dark periods to flower and fruit. So where does a greenhouse fit into this botanical soap opera? Most are like Goldilocks' worst nightmare – too hot in the sun, too cold after sunset. Unless you live in a climate that's greenhouse-friendly year-round, you're going to need some extra gear to keep your leafy friends happy.

For the fair-weather gardener, a spring and fall greenhouse is like a seasonal vacation home for your plants. They're great for starting seeds, hardening off transplants, or transitioning indoor plants. But watch out – these greenhouses can turn into saunas in the midday sun. Vents can help, but you'll need to keep an eagle eye on the temperature.

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If you're a bit more ambitious, you might opt for a three-season greenhouse. These often come with shade cloths and venting systems to manage the heat. You might even be able to keep your plants from staging a revolt on all but the hottest days. Still, there might be times when your greenhouse turns into a plant sauna.

For the greenhouse enthusiast who wants to go all-in, a year-round setup is the Holy Grail. You'll need to figure out how to keep it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter, which is no small feat. Once you've decided on your plant roster, you can dive into the world of heating and cooling options.

And remember, a greenhouse is like a miniature ecosystem – there are hot spots, cool corners, and areas with just the right amount of light. It's all about using these microclimates to your advantage. Despite the challenges and the costs involved, those who've tasted the joy of their own plant-filled oasis will tell you it's worth every penny.

Now, the nitty-gritty: water and power. Make sure your greenhouse is near a water source, and if you're using any gadgets, get a pro to set up a safe and adequate power supply. You might even need supplemental lighting, especially in the darker months. And let's not forget aesthetics – does a simple polyethylene structure tickle your fancy, or are you dreaming of something more picturesque? Also, check with local authorities for any permits you might need.

When it comes to choosing a greenhouse, you've got options galore – from custom designs to kits, freestanding to attached, classic to modern, and glass to plastic. Each has its own set of pros and cons, so choose wisely based on your needs, your home, and your landscape.

PAPAJET 12x10x10 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse.jpg
EAGLE PEAK 8x8 Instant Pop Up Center Push Walk-in Greenhouse.jpg

And for those still wondering, here are some top picks for greenhouses: 

1. EAGLE PEAK 8x8 Instant Pop Up Center Push Walk-in Greenhouse for a pop-up garden
2. VegTrug Nursery Greenhouse for seedling starters
3. PAPAJET 12x10x10 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse for the serious gardener
4. HOWE 14x9.5x9 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse for a touch of elegance

In the end, owning a greenhouse is like having a passport to the plant world. Once everything's set up, it's time to let your green dreams run wild. Happy gardening!

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